The Relationship Transformation Workshop: 29 May 2016

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Workhop: Clear communication in Relationships 13th June Amsterdam

Learn to use The Work of Byron Katie to identify stressful thoughts and find peace and freedom in all your relationships


We will be looking at our beliefs such as:

‘I need to be appreciated’
‘my partner should understand me’
‘my partner should listen to me’
These and other beliefs cause us to experience being alone, isolated and unloved.

In this workshop we will ask the 4 questions that make up The Work

  1. 1. Is it true?
    2. Can you absolutely know it’s true?
    3. How do you react when you believe that thought
    4. Who would you be without that thought

And then we will see what happens when you turn your thoughts around.
We will become clear, that believing and being attached to our thinking is the real cause of our pain, suffering, confusion, and hurt feelings. By intensely looking at our thoughts we can find freedom and peace and discover at the same time satisfying ways to relate.
“Our partners, alive, dead, or divorced, are always our greatest teachers. – Byron Katie

What You Will Learn:

  1. 1. How to come out of suffering from the unrealistic demands of others.
    2. How to get the appreciation you deserve.
    3. What to do when others won’t give you what you want and need.
    4. How you can transform blame into trust.
    5. How to come out of a painful relationship and still feel OK.
    6. What to do when nothing seems to be working.

Come and experience this workshop for yourself, and find out what is possible when you live a kinder life

Facilitated by Sagar Simon

sagar simon
Certified facilitator of ‘The Work’ of Byron Katie, Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology. He has over 30 years of experience in leading groups, meditations and workshops.

Sagar specializes in clear communication in all types of personal and business relationships.
His workshops are both fun and intense, using a very simple and effective way of questioning Sagar challenges your beliefs. You will leave with a set of easy-to-use tools to address all the issues you currently face and wish to improve.
He is available for personal consultations and working with business teams, as well as giving demonstration workshops of his work.


tickets for sale here  (at the door 50€)

Date: 13 june

Time: 13:00 – 18:00
Phone:0031-(0)64 62 65 412


ABC Treehouse
Voetboogstraat 11,Amsterdam, 1012 XKNederland

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Phone: 020-6255537

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