A Day event with Byron Katie on 20th July

Want to get to peace hang out with Byon Katie for a day or the 10 Day School

What is it like? to be part of the staff that supports an event for Byron Katie.
Its like meeting your old buddies and you are going to play together. Only it’s an event to support a fabulous and loving Woman who is showing you, you are already free from you suffering, only you are attached to a thought that tells you differently.
Thursday night is set up night for the Friday event…May of the people who are on the setup team I have not seen since last year and that is already making the event exciting and a great thing…We hug catch up a little and then go for the set up and in 2 hours the room transform from a school lunch room to an event room for Katie…My job was to move and stack the chair…and it almost happens by it’s self…I know that I will move the chair to the side and I just keep doing it until it was done…In the past I had the thought this is a lot of work or it’s to heavy or there is too much to do in such a short time…This time these thoughts were just back ground noise and I just noticed and they had nothing to do with reality. They chairs seemed to move by themselves and I enjoy the whole process…

Friday morning we did the final touch up which for me is more of a challenge because things are not so oblivious…is this, better then that…. do we have enough isle space for mic runners?…Some people thought yes, others thought no…sometimes I though I don’t know and for sure I need lots of space to move quickly. And in then end it’s always perfect or it is, what it is and I like that…everything works perfectly.

I was part of the teams that greeted people as they came. And people appeared to want to rush in and get the best seat to see Katie. My task, was to take donations and to help them people come in at a slower pace, other then running for seats…I love greeting people…I speak English only and most people would start talking to me in Dutch and it seem to make little different that spoke back in English they just smiled and when on there way to the seats…It was great for me to see know nobody really cares what you speak they and I am here to have fun with Katie…

I just had a thought why would you at all care about what I am writing…Well, I am in your business and do I care about what I am writing.
Katie floats into the room around 11:00 and for me I feel healed already…I feel my heart opening to what every Katie is about to do and I am willing to receive it…I want to go as deeply as possible, listen to Katie from the heart…I want and am touched by how she is and how she works with people…

I am off this Wed 23 July to staff the School of Byron Katie in Bad Neuenhar, Germany…see you when I get back…And by the way if you get the hint to attend you still can it starts on the 25th July…It’s a school to discover how it is possible to have inner peace no matter what you think is happening…

More information for the School just Click

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