Not knowing is true knowledge

From a thousand Names for Joy by Byron Katie Chapter 71

“To think you know something is to believe the story of a past. It’s insane. Every time you think you know something, it hurts, be­cause in reality there’s nothing to know. You’re trying to hold on to something that doesn’t exist. There is nothing to know, and there is no one who wants to know it.

It’s so much easier to know that you don’t know. It’s kinder, as well. I love the don’t?know mind. When you know that you don’t know, you’re naturally open to reality and can let it take you wherever it wants to. You can drop your identity and be who you really are, the unlimited, the nameless. People call me “Katie,” but I don’t ever be. Believe it.

Someone says, “I’ll be here at nine o’clock.” No one can know what it’s like for someone with no future to watch a clock become nine. The event is so miraculous that there are no possible words for it. It’s one minute past eight, then suddenly it’s two minutes past eight, according to a clock that is always pointing to now. And now it’s eight?thirty, and now, all at once, it’s nine, and the person shows up?just pops out of nowhere?from a past that doesn’t exist. I am in continual amazement at such happenings.

Now I am walking to the living room, I think. I think that I’m on

my way to open the window. I have no clue where it’s actually going;”

This quote works for me when I live in the I don’t know mind, it seems I am more open available less judging and life becomes exciting.

Some of thought that come up for me while reading this quote and perhaps for you too are.

I know what they are thinkin.

I know what that look means.

I know what works or does not work.

I know how you react because…

I know you are not able to do that.


I need to figure it out.

I have to know what to do.

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