One Moment in Time.

I was meeting with a friend visiting from Maui, and I walk out into the street focused on getting my bicycle. Thinking of what is the best way to get home.

And then, time stood still.

There was this man, this well dress man taking a woman, perhaps his wife out of his car and putting her in the wheel chair. And as he was helping her to get into the wheel chair she hit her hand on the door handle. And now this man was well dress wearing a very beautiful suit and bowtie perhaps he was eighty years old or older. And he stop what he was doing, went around to the front of the wheel chair and begin kissing this woman’s fingers, kissing her fingers there in the middle of this small and narrow street in the middle of amsterdam in front of a very exclusive hotel. This well dress dapper looking man, in the middle of the street kisses this woman’s fingers. You know I am so touched again, as I share this moment in time with you. To stop, to notice and express our kind nature. I am grateful to be available and present in such a moment. I looked and I also stood in the middle of the street and I tell you we were both kissing that woman’s fingers. I am so grateful. It is such a blessing. Love Sagar

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