Options for coaching

Sessions by Email, Phone/Skype or in Person

Most people lead very stressful and busy lives these days. It is often difficult to find the time to schedule appointments for coaching sessions. I have created different options for you to choose from. These options can be applied to either personal coaching or leadership and management coaching sessions.

  • face-to-face coaching sessions
  • coaching over the phone/skype
  • combination phone/email sessions
  • group coaching sessions

Sessions by telephone are just as powerful as sessions conducted in person.

I am available to you no matter where you live or work!

How I work:

First we identify the specific situation the client would like to resolve. Through an interview we reveal the beliefs, perceptions and judgments that are being held.

I ask the client the simple questions to help prompt discovery and allow insight to surface from their own inner wisdom. I have not met a problem yet that inquiry did not help resolve. Sometimes it only takes one session to unravel the whole issue, while other times a few sessions can go to deeper and deeper layers of what is holding the stress in place. And as each layer dissolves, the insights cause peace to expand and include other areas of life beyond the original situation.

I mentor each person to become their own facilitator at home by giving handouts, assignments and support which empowers the skill and habit of self inquiry.

You will be amazed how easily and quickly a painful situation can turn into peace, ease and freedom.

People Solutions is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands  but available to you no matter where you live.
Sessions over the phone, or skype, are just as powerful as in person.

Contact me for a free phone/skype consultation to discuss your needs and to see if this work is right for you.