Spending some time with Tony Parsons this weekend

I have heard Byron Katie say there is nothing to forgive because nothing happened in the first place that needs to be forgiven.

Here is what Tony has to say about forgiveness.

That’s the whole point. There is nobody to do any¬thing or forgive anyone, except in the dream story.

Right And if it was possible?

Now you’re off again on another story if you want to play games you can go ahead and do that. I’m not interested.

I’m just wondering what the world would be like?

The apparent world would be exactly like this. It is already complete.

It is actually all there is, including the idea that it isn’t, including the idea that you are someone that can do something to me and I should forgive you for it. All of that is a story in the dream about there being separation and about making it a better world. If we all forgave each other it would be a better world. It’s the dream of the need for something better.

First of all there’s no one who can forgive anybody and also these ideas are all based on the misconception that there is anything at fault or something wrong that needs putting right. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but it seems for thousands and thousands of years of story we appear to have put a huge amount of energy into making the world a better place. How do you think it’s going so far?

Taken From: Nothing Being EveryThing

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