staying in thework and doing the work

This example of the work, show that the work works only when you do the work. You can think about it, you can understand what the work is. However if you do not use it; apply it and live it your, life does not change. And it show thework lived is an on going process of questioning your long heald beliefs.

The recording might not be for everyone. It requires that you listen with an open mind. And let it in.

1-03 Day 3 – I Am In Debilitating Pain copy

This recording for me shows the courageousness of this women and her willingness to put what is happening out there.

Katie is clear loving and to the point. The work works when you question the mind. And it might take 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months; it’s your and my freedom we are talking about.

The recording is taken from The New Years Cleanse that Katie leads in LA. It takes place over 4 days and Katie does the work with participants from 10 – 5 each day.

Some one in the cleanse said I was told to get ready for the ride and I thought I know what that meant…and I was not prepared for what a ride it is. It is a wonderful way to end the year and to give your self a present. Enjoy the ride of this recording. This recording is the property of Byron Katie, Inc.

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