What I Learned Today: the end of arrogence

Has this happened to you?

I went to the bank to get my credit card renewed? And the person who was to help me said go over to the computer and do it yourself. Ok I thought and isn’t it her job to help me so I went to the computer and still I could not get my credit card renewed. So I went back and asked again for help and she said just follow what it says and proceed to help another customer.

So, irritated I left the bank no new credit card.

I then thought OK well at least I will go over to the OV_chip card help bus near museum plane to get help for the OV-Chip card. The previous day I had loaded my card and it did not show the new amount.

And again something very interesting happened, the person who was suppose to help with card problem said, “this is not my problem it’s yours and you have to get NS to tell you what is wrong.”

At this point something dawned on me. How is it that I am getting this reflection of no help…Could it be that I am arrogant? My thought is these people should be helping me and they are not. So I said to myself lets do this over again. I went to the bank this time with more awareness of how I am and what my thoughts are about the person who is to help. I asked can you help me and without the thought I should be help or it’s their job to help me. And her response was let me do this for you. And she did it took her two tries and I left the bank with a renewed credit card. And more important, I left with an awareness of what I am thinking that keeps me from being kind and treating people with respect it was a turnaround. If I want to be treated with respect I need to live it. Treat others the way you want to be treated.