Have courage. Entrepreneurs have to be able to overcome fear and the petty criticism of others

This is the most important part of the article it relates to how do understand and leave behind our petty criticisms of others, How do we nurture others how do we have a heart. The best way i know to live this advice is to investigate and question what we believe, that would keep us from live this advice. I personally  use thework with myself and with other and introduce companies to its power to transform the working place.

My advice (From Rich Barton)

Have courage. Entrepreneurs have to be able to overcome fear and the petty criticism of others who will tell them, “You’re crazy.” Post-9/11 at Expedia, we decided that if travel didn’t rebound, we’d be in trouble, so we doubled down on our marketing. We got three to four times the bang for our buck and established market share in hotels.

Nurture the brains. Creating a work environment and culture where smart people want to work is important. Give people space and privacy, empower them to do things and take risks without the fear of being fired. Workspace is a small part of the P&L but makes a big difference.

Have a heart. Great entrepreneurs have a passion for doing something and for caring for the people who are doing it with them. Great leaders need to be able to point to the mountain, define it, and motivate people through the difficult expedition to success.

This story is from the January 14, 2013 issue of Fortune.

See full article @: http://money.cnn.com/2013/01/16/smallbusiness/glassdoor-rich-barton.fortune/index.html?iid=SF_T_MPM

Rembrandt’ Birthday Amsterdam at it’s best

Good morning to you all…Today is Rembrandt’s Birthday and to commemorate it the birthday…This mourning 15th of July there was a free breakfast, coffee and entrance from 7:00-9:00 into The Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.


The fun part is I got to gossip and connect with people…Find out a bit what they are doing and what is happening in their lives…I smiled at one lady and then she said I know you…It turns out she was working at the Rose (new age growth center in Amsterdam) and she remembered me from the days I did hypnosis…I talked about the work of Byron Katie she said she would put Katie’s one day event up on the Rose bulletin board…And we talked about how people become fixed aided and closed and do not want outsiders to interfere in their lives especially at their work place…And what happens is that people push away new possibilities and new experiences…and I suggested that if people are open then they can investigate what they think would happen if some new or a new way of working comes into their lives…I love that she listened…And of course, the question is, as always, am I listening …