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Wise women (and funny ladies) Byron Katie and Jane Lynch discuss the big questions we face every day.

Jane Lynch has spent years trying to get right with herself. In her new memoir, Happy Accidents (Voice), the actress who stars as Sue Sylvester

20 Questions That Could Change Your Life from Oprah

20 question that could change your life

This is close to the work of Byron Katie and is not the work. For me, as a result of looking at what you believe testing it with the 4 questions of  “thework”. You then will be living these 20 questions(with the answers) and the way to live will come out of your understanding and clarity and experience. And when you move back into suffering confusion and unhappiness. You can begin again, find you way back though doing the work of Byron Katie. By simply filling in a JYN worksheet found at www.thework.com, which helps you identify thoughts creating your suffering and then questing them with 4 questions and moving into turn around of your original statements. So these 20 questions that can could change your life are really 4 questions that change your mind and lead to living a changed life. as I read this again please go to www.thework.com look around watch some videos do thework and you will find your own answers. L. Sagar

Thoughts Become Things

Today I was in a grocery store  (Albet Heijn, Museumplein, Amsterdam) and I asked the cashier how are you?

Her answer:

She said when people are negative they become unhappy. To have a positive outlook on life is what keeps me going and helps me take care of myself.

So amazing, just a brief conversation and in it is everything. Love, caring, understanding, light, and awareness and support openness.

I am still in awe of such possiblities to find wisdom.

“No one holds more wisdom then any one else.” Byron Katie

Thanks Giving

Remember to take time to be with yourself.

And this video is a reminder of gratfulness.

Using “emotiona freedom technique” tapping to add to the feeling of gratefulnes. enjoy

Honest Communication

Knowing the difference between loving someone and wanting him/her to do what you want doesn’t mean that you can’t ask for what you want. You can, knowing that his/her answer has nothing to do with his love for you. You’ll discover that asking is much eas­ier when it’s free of hidden agendas.

And when he/she realizes that whatever he/she answers is fine with you, an amazing intimacy can open for you both.


Exercise: An Honest No

Honest communication begins with you communicating with yourself. It means responding with what is true for you, regardless of how someone may react to your answer. First you have to dis­cover what is really true for you. A dishonest yes is a no to yourself.

Try this exercise. Imagine simply saying no when you feel torn by a request. Look at what you think would happen, write down the fearful thoughts that arise, and question them, especially the ones that wound like “if I say no, he won’t love me” or “If I say no, she’ll think I don’t love her.

quoted from “I Need Your Love — is that true? by Byron Katie

Time in the Hospital

Well, we all or at least me, do not think it will ever happen. That is taking a trip to the hospital via the emergency…

So the other day I can home set down as I normally; do to meditated…from there I do not remember a thing…My friend Abhilasha said I came into the room shaking and twisted and feel on the floor convulsing and foaming at the mouth…For me I only remember being in the ambulance and then in the hospital room…What happened I do not know, they say I had an epileptic fit…The only thing clear, is that I have some wonderful caring and loving friends who appeared in the hospital…

My body still hurts several days later…I met some wonderful person in the bed next to me who has been traveling the spiritual path had participated in lots of groups that I have also done, we had a very nice connection…What I see is if you do not have a thought that things should be different then they are then everything is ok…I enjoyed my surroundings I enjoyed being taking care of…Luca Andreas Hospital in Amsterdam, Netherlands I would say is top notch in providing emergency care…I am very grateful to the staff and doctors and care givers…

I will tell more later…