Do You Believe in god ?

Someone today at a birthday party asked me if I believe in god? As I was taking about thework Byron Katie. Or something I can believe in, something beyond, more then myself. Where I could ask for guidance and help.

So for a long time at this party I was thinking what is it I wanted to say. And then someone talk about grace. And she was a singer and she stared to sing amazing grace. And that is what I want to share with you this person who asked the question and with you. What is god? I don’t know. Katie says, “god is good and god is everything”. So for me I will go with that and grace. Because as that lady sung amazing grace tears came to me and I could just fall on the ground and be grateful. Thank you. Amazing what a simple question can bring into being at an apparent ordinary party. I am so grateful for that simple question that left me in awe of what is. Thank you for listening.

Why not be kind?

I have been listening to Wayne Dyer and Byron Katie on being kind

What is being kind? I have discover being kind is saying hello, smiling at someone asking how is your day…

What it is to be kind? Why not be kind. That is kind to myself and for me it looks like, how are you doing, have a great day.

I was on the tram (here in Amsterdam) I saw someone listing to music and rocking back and forth, I said enjoying the music, the person looked like they did not speak English, however she gave me a big smile and a sign she was enjoying the music and the contact…Why not be kind?

Perhaps you can be kind to you today and make someone smile…

I love that for myself…