Freeing Yourself From Victim Hood

To Watch this requires and open mind and a willingness to travel with this women as she comes out of blaming her mother for her pain.

Title: MY Mother Shamed Me.

Unlimited thinking WD 40

Becoming Unstuck from everything

What is WD 40? It’d s spray oil we use it on almost everything which is stuck and needs to be freed from it’s rust or water damaged.

“It took them 40 attempts to get the water displacing formula worked out. WD-40®—which stands for Water Displacement and perfected on the 40th try—is still in use today.” and un-sticking all sorts of things.

So what is the point of talking about WD 40?

  1. I happen use on my bicycle chain and used lots of on my motorcycle and old VW Beetle.
  2. It took 40 tries to get it working. The only thing they knew that there is a way out of being stuck and rusted and things need to be moving again.
  3. Where is your focus. Wayne Dyer has talked about fly was not done by focusing on not flying and get iron ships to float was not done by focusing on the sinking of things. focus on getting things moving.
  4. If you can identify, the thoughts that keep you from having peace, clarity, joy and a wonderful life. You are in the beginning of the process of getting unstuck. Focusing on what is not working in your life, will give you more of what does not work and then becomes the proof that life is stuck and sucks. (And there is a book called why your life sucks by Alan h. Cohen worth reading).

Now back to WD 40 and the work of Byron Katie.

Using the JudgeYourNeighborworksheet down loadable at is the first step to identify your thoughts that are keeping you stuck (rusting and not moving). Then we apply the WD 40 that is the 4 questions and the turnarounds: to the thoughts that are keeping you stuck. And it could take 40 times or 1 time or 100 times to become unstuck.  Just think of it if the Wright brothers gave up after their first attempt. We would still be sitting on the ground wondering if we could fly? And just like in the case of developing WD 40 you never know when you suddenly become free or fly.

Applying the 4 questions and turnarounds to your stuck thoughts and then suddenly you are unstuck and free to fly. Love you Sagar give me a call to become unstuck.

    The moving finger writes; and, having writ, Moves on:

    A beloved friend of mine Rupesh has left his body a few days ago. We grew up together in Poona India. Playing and working in the vrindavan kitchen of the Rajneesh ashram. And learning what it is to share, to love and server and resist and surrender to things and people we do not understand and yet know that is the way of it for it speaks to our soul.
    So this famous poem comes to me to share with you today.

    The moving finger writes; and, having writ,
    Moves on: nor all thy piety nor wit
    Shall lure it back to cancel half a line,
    Nor all thy tears wash out a word of it.
    —The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

    Love sagar

    Do You Believe in god ?

    Someone today at a birthday party asked me if I believe in god? As I was taking about thework Byron Katie. Or something I can believe in, something beyond, more then myself. Where I could ask for guidance and help.

    So for a long time at this party I was thinking what is it I wanted to say. And then someone talk about grace. And she was a singer and she stared to sing amazing grace. And that is what I want to share with you this person who asked the question and with you. What is god? I don’t know. Katie says, “god is good and god is everything”. So for me I will go with that and grace. Because as that lady sung amazing grace tears came to me and I could just fall on the ground and be grateful. Thank you. Amazing what a simple question can bring into being at an apparent ordinary party. I am so grateful for that simple question that left me in awe of what is. Thank you for listening.


    I have been watching Dr. Phil and i have some thoughts about how I he works with people…My thought is what is the most important thing to teach people about relating…

    Well if there is a teaching, it is to learn to stay out of your partners business…Dr. Phil and other have programs that give you step by step directions for success…

    In my own life I am learning to ask myself the question what am I believing in the moment…What do I believe I would have if my partner behaved differently…and usually I think I would have more understanding, a better relationship, peace…So what do I do to get this peace. I shout, demand, manipulate and get angry, ignore them, to have peace…I have begun to notice it doesn’t work it seems to give me what I don’t want rather then what I want…
    Since I have the work of Byron Katie or rather the work has me. I take a break breath and do the work on what I thought being angry, shouting and demanding, would give me…and I come to see that its painful for me I hurt myself, and I stop (when I can) some times I say,” lets start over”…I love when I can do that…the result seems to be, I like me better and I have what I want, which is an intimate connect with the person I am with most of the time, me…and I get to have an intimate connection with my partner…and it is none of my business how she reacts…I take care of my part and how I react…and that is more kind to me and to her…I love that…
    Thank you.