Have courage. Entrepreneurs have to be able to overcome fear and the petty criticism of others

This is the most important part of the article it relates to how do understand and leave behind our petty criticisms of others, How do we nurture others how do we have a heart. The best way i know to live this advice is to investigate and question what we believe, that would keep us from live this advice. I personally  use thework with myself and with other and introduce companies to its power to transform the working place.

My advice (From Rich Barton)

Have courage. Entrepreneurs have to be able to overcome fear and the petty criticism of others who will tell them, “You’re crazy.” Post-9/11 at Expedia, we decided that if travel didn’t rebound, we’d be in trouble, so we doubled down on our marketing. We got three to four times the bang for our buck and established market share in hotels.

Nurture the brains. Creating a work environment and culture where smart people want to work is important. Give people space and privacy, empower them to do things and take risks without the fear of being fired. Workspace is a small part of the P&L but makes a big difference.

Have a heart. Great entrepreneurs have a passion for doing something and for caring for the people who are doing it with them. Great leaders need to be able to point to the mountain, define it, and motivate people through the difficult expedition to success.

This story is from the January 14, 2013 issue of Fortune.

See full article @: http://money.cnn.com/2013/01/16/smallbusiness/glassdoor-rich-barton.fortune/index.html?iid=SF_T_MPM

The Past is only a Possibility: According to Hawking and Mlodinow

infinite possibilities

Investigate you thing as suggested by the work of Byron Katie will leaves you with infinite possibilities, to live you life  kinder, loving, creative and  harmonious.

According to Hawking and Mlodinow, one consequence of the theory of quantum mechanics is that events in the past that were not directly observed did not happen in a definite way. Instead they happened in all possible ways. This is related to the probabilistic nature of matter and energy revealed by quantum mechanics: Unless forced to choose a particular state by direct interference from an outside observation, things will hover in a state of uncertainty.

For example, if all we know is that a particle traveled from point A to point B, then it is not true that the particle took a definite path and we just don’t know what it is. Rather, that particle simultaneously took every possible path connecting the two points.

Yeah, we’re still trying to wrap our brains around this.

The authors sum up: “No matter how thorough our observation of the present, the (unobserved) past, like the future, is indefinite and exists only as a spectrum of possibilities.”

Article from live science by Clara Moskow

Love is Just a four Letter word

I have heard Byron Katie say “no story no world”. So what is your story creating your world?

20 Questions That Could Change Your Life from Oprah

20 question that could change your life

This is close to the work of Byron Katie and is not the work. For me, as a result of looking at what you believe testing it with the 4 questions of  “thework”. You then will be living these 20 questions(with the answers) and the way to live will come out of your understanding and clarity and experience. And when you move back into suffering confusion and unhappiness. You can begin again, find you way back though doing the work of Byron Katie. By simply filling in a JYN worksheet found at www.thework.com, which helps you identify thoughts creating your suffering and then questing them with 4 questions and moving into turn around of your original statements. So these 20 questions that can could change your life are really 4 questions that change your mind and lead to living a changed life. as I read this again please go to www.thework.com look around watch some videos do thework and you will find your own answers. L. Sagar

Finding Kindness & Questioning Stressful Thoughts

If you want something in you’re life and your are not doing it. It’s your mind not allowing it. You are frozen with your thoughts. The work is a way to unfreeze the mind.

When Katie is talking about children in this video she is talking about your thoughts. Sometimes she refers to them as scream children. And when you are kind how would you treat those screaming children? You meet them with understanding and love. And that is what writing down your thoughts does it leaves you kinder to yourself.

What I Learned Today: the end of arrogence

Has this happened to you?

I went to the bank to get my credit card renewed? And the person who was to help me said go over to the computer and do it yourself. Ok I thought and isn’t it her job to help me so I went to the computer and still I could not get my credit card renewed. So I went back and asked again for help and she said just follow what it says and proceed to help another customer.

So, irritated I left the bank no new credit card.

I then thought OK well at least I will go over to the OV_chip card help bus near museum plane to get help for the OV-Chip card. The previous day I had loaded my card and it did not show the new amount.

And again something very interesting happened, the person who was suppose to help with card problem said, “this is not my problem it’s yours and you have to get NS to tell you what is wrong.”

At this point something dawned on me. How is it that I am getting this reflection of no help…Could it be that I am arrogant? My thought is these people should be helping me and they are not. So I said to myself lets do this over again. I went to the bank this time with more awareness of how I am and what my thoughts are about the person who is to help. I asked can you help me and without the thought I should be help or it’s their job to help me. And her response was let me do this for you. And she did it took her two tries and I left the bank with a renewed credit card. And more important, I left with an awareness of what I am thinking that keeps me from being kind and treating people with respect it was a turnaround. If I want to be treated with respect I need to live it. Treat others the way you want to be treated.