The Relationship Transformation Workshop: 29 May 2016

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— Stretch your mind — Using the work of Byron Katie

Hi come join me for two days 12th & 13th Nov. 2011. Focusing on TheWork.  Stretch your mind, come out of the I am right into space and freedom and living a kinder more loving life. At the East West Center in Antwerp. See below for more information. Love Sagar


— Stretch your mind — Using the work of Byron Katie

The Key to Happiness

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to Success” Albert Schwitzerred lighted rose

Try the work for breakfast

Find the thought that would keep you from happiness, question them, turn them around and set yourself free.

Byron Katie Event Amsterdam

For those of you who missed this event. Well, that was for me wonderful learning and good to be in the atmosphere of the work. The most important thing for me was to hear and see Katie helping people stay in the work and not to leave the work for their story.

What is the work it is IQ. Investigate (the inquiry)  the thoughts that you are believing that cause you suffering. And Question them using the 4 question that are the work. Katie calls The Work the  4 questions the mechanics for coming out of pain and suffer and dis-pare.

You can down load all that you need to get started straight away doing the work on a painful reoccurring thoughts. Just click on the link below from the resource page.

The resources are free. And if want to experience the work immediately you can call the help at no charge and an experienced facilitator who is part of the institute for the work will do the work with you. You can also contact a certified facilitator to work with in your area or over Skype. This is the link:

You can also find a certified facilitator to work with. It not necessary and when the mind is stuck it can help move you.

You can find my information on and on my contact details.

20 Questions That Could Change Your Life from Oprah

20 question that could change your life

This is close to the work of Byron Katie and is not the work. For me, as a result of looking at what you believe testing it with the 4 questions of  “thework”. You then will be living these 20 questions(with the answers) and the way to live will come out of your understanding and clarity and experience. And when you move back into suffering confusion and unhappiness. You can begin again, find you way back though doing the work of Byron Katie. By simply filling in a JYN worksheet found at, which helps you identify thoughts creating your suffering and then questing them with 4 questions and moving into turn around of your original statements. So these 20 questions that can could change your life are really 4 questions that change your mind and lead to living a changed life. as I read this again please go to look around watch some videos do thework and you will find your own answers. L. Sagar

What I Learned Today: the end of arrogence

Has this happened to you?

I went to the bank to get my credit card renewed? And the person who was to help me said go over to the computer and do it yourself. Ok I thought and isn’t it her job to help me so I went to the computer and still I could not get my credit card renewed. So I went back and asked again for help and she said just follow what it says and proceed to help another customer.

So, irritated I left the bank no new credit card.

I then thought OK well at least I will go over to the OV_chip card help bus near museum plane to get help for the OV-Chip card. The previous day I had loaded my card and it did not show the new amount.

And again something very interesting happened, the person who was suppose to help with card problem said, “this is not my problem it’s yours and you have to get NS to tell you what is wrong.”

At this point something dawned on me. How is it that I am getting this reflection of no help…Could it be that I am arrogant? My thought is these people should be helping me and they are not. So I said to myself lets do this over again. I went to the bank this time with more awareness of how I am and what my thoughts are about the person who is to help. I asked can you help me and without the thought I should be help or it’s their job to help me. And her response was let me do this for you. And she did it took her two tries and I left the bank with a renewed credit card. And more important, I left with an awareness of what I am thinking that keeps me from being kind and treating people with respect it was a turnaround. If I want to be treated with respect I need to live it. Treat others the way you want to be treated.