Byron Katie Event Amsterdam

For those of you who missed this event. Well, that was for me wonderful learning and good to be in the atmosphere of the work. The most important thing for me was to hear and see Katie helping people stay in the work and not to leave the work for their story.

What is the work it is IQ. Investigate (the inquiry)  the thoughts that you are believing that cause you suffering. And Question them using the 4 question that are the work. Katie calls The Work the  4 questions the mechanics for coming out of pain and suffer and dis-pare.

You can down load all that you need to get started straight away doing the work on a painful reoccurring thoughts. Just click on the link below from the resource page.

The resources are free. And if want to experience the work immediately you can call the help at no charge and an experienced facilitator who is part of the institute for the work will do the work with you. You can also contact a certified facilitator to work with in your area or over Skype. This is the link:

You can also find a certified facilitator to work with. It not necessary and when the mind is stuck it can help move you.

You can find my information on and on my contact details.

Do You Believe in god ?

Someone today at a birthday party asked me if I believe in god? As I was taking about thework Byron Katie. Or something I can believe in, something beyond, more then myself. Where I could ask for guidance and help.

So for a long time at this party I was thinking what is it I wanted to say. And then someone talk about grace. And she was a singer and she stared to sing amazing grace. And that is what I want to share with you this person who asked the question and with you. What is god? I don’t know. Katie says, “god is good and god is everything”. So for me I will go with that and grace. Because as that lady sung amazing grace tears came to me and I could just fall on the ground and be grateful. Thank you. Amazing what a simple question can bring into being at an apparent ordinary party. I am so grateful for that simple question that left me in awe of what is. Thank you for listening.

Finding Kindness & Questioning Stressful Thoughts

If you want something in you’re life and your are not doing it. It’s your mind not allowing it. You are frozen with your thoughts. The work is a way to unfreeze the mind.

When Katie is talking about children in this video she is talking about your thoughts. Sometimes she refers to them as scream children. And when you are kind how would you treat those screaming children? You meet them with understanding and love. And that is what writing down your thoughts does it leaves you kinder to yourself.

Time in the Hospital

Well, we all or at least me, do not think it will ever happen. That is taking a trip to the hospital via the emergency…

So the other day I can home set down as I normally; do to meditated…from there I do not remember a thing…My friend Abhilasha said I came into the room shaking and twisted and feel on the floor convulsing and foaming at the mouth…For me I only remember being in the ambulance and then in the hospital room…What happened I do not know, they say I had an epileptic fit…The only thing clear, is that I have some wonderful caring and loving friends who appeared in the hospital…

My body still hurts several days later…I met some wonderful person in the bed next to me who has been traveling the spiritual path had participated in lots of groups that I have also done, we had a very nice connection…What I see is if you do not have a thought that things should be different then they are then everything is ok…I enjoyed my surroundings I enjoyed being taking care of…Luca Andreas Hospital in Amsterdam, Netherlands I would say is top notch in providing emergency care…I am very grateful to the staff and doctors and care givers…

I will tell more later…