Thanks Giving

Remember to take time to be with yourself.

And this video is a reminder of gratfulness.

Using “emotiona freedom technique” tapping to add to the feeling of gratefulnes. enjoy

What I learned Today

What I learned today…I started my day with a YouTube of Katie asking a women, “your father is dead can you really know that is true’?…Your father is dead can you absolutely know that is true?…and something broke in me and I feel down crying…I have been trying to make my father happy, to heal him, only he has been dead for 30 years…I have been trying to heal my mother, and she has been dead 35 years…I have been trying to save my grandmother, and she has been dead for 40 years…”Your father is dead is it true?” It is not true for me…He still live in me until I recognize there is only one to heal…I don’t have to make anybody happy not even myself…I love that I could feel that and recognize that…
The work keeps waking me up, Grace…every time I have to fall down to this amazing grace, thank you kind universe, thank you for waking me up.