What clients say about Sagar Simon

“When living fully, it is at times essential to stop and look closely at the what’s, why’s and how’s of life. As a consultant, trainer, writer and therapist, I am very aware of the need for an occasional ‘mirror’, someone who without judgement can reflect what he observes. Sagar Simon is precisely such a mirror, with the added advantages of a long track record as a therapist and the finely tuned ability to ask the right questions. ”

“Sagar gets quickly to the point”.

“The sessions have helped me and my colleagues to resolve many old problems, which were based on old beliefs that, when looked upon, were actually not true at all. The result of these sessions was that much energy that was stuck in so called problems, such as blaming a colleague, became free. Colleagues and I experienced much more energy to our work in a much more relaxed way. ”

“Sagar’s easy going relaxed and focused manner, has helped me keep on track. “

“The specific work that Sagar does is gentle yet firm in his directions.”

“In his sessions his ability to get to the core of the matter has been of great benefit to me.”

“Things that I might have overlook or avoided or covered up were brought to the surface in such a way that I could explore my long held beliefs, which were keeping me stuck. I could see where I was directly blaming others for my pain and confusion or anger. Through doing sessions with Sagar with his support and guidance, I came into contact with my own inner resources and strengths.”

“I would definitely recommend Sagar as a therapist for all kinds of situations. He is a therapist that can provide help and guidance and give needed support to go through painful or stressful situations and emotions”.

MY VISION: To make friends with the obstacles that appear to be in the way of living the emotional intelligence that everyone has; empowering individuals and organizations to operate from clear, direct, wholehearted and honest communication.